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Rail – Road machine for flash butt welding of rails

The rail/road welder, easy and safe to use, thanks to its high performance, compact dimensions and extraordinary versatility...


Testa per la saldatura a scintillio delle rotaie

Nuova testa saldante brevettata vaiacar tipo kube equipaggiata con sistema di regolazione della tensione della rotaia (destressing system) e con sistema integrato di raffreddamento forzato...


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50 years of history dedicated to creativity in production and constant commitment in investments

The current corporate structure of VAIA CAR is the result of a long and continuous process of change and technological innovation which has led the company to achieve the results – both in terms of quality and quantity – that place it among the leading enterprises in the mechanized agriculture field and railway industry, not only domestically, but also on an international scale. VAIA CAR was founded, as a one-man company, in 1962, and began operating in a small complex of 150 sq.m. in the old-town of Calvisano...

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