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50 years of history dedicated to creativity in production and constant commitment
in investments.

Railway industry and Vaia Car machinery

The current  corporate structure of VAIA CAR is the result of a long and continuous process of change and technological innovation which has led the company to achieve the results – both in terms of quality and quantity – that place it among the leading enterprises in the mechanized agriculture field and railway industry, not only domestically, but also on an international scale.

VAIA CAR was founded, as a one-man company, in 1962, and began operating in a small complex of 150 sq.m. in the old-town of Calvisano (a prosperous town in the Bassa Bresciana area), giving employment to around ten workers.

Initially, the activity of Mr Bruno VAIA’s company focused on the construction of trailers and agricultural skips. After about a year, the company moved to its current premises in Via Isorella 24, occupying a shed of 720 sq. m. housing workshops and offices, and increased its staff to around fifteen employees.

It is at this stage that it started constructing its first loader-excavators which were to contribute to transforming the national and European agricultural sector. Activity proceeded regularly until 1966 when the spillover effect of the economic boom started to be felt in Calvisano: thanks to the high demand on domestic and foreign markets, VAIA CAR succeeded in selling its products to numerous Italian farms and in exporting its large mechanical machines throughout Europe, particularly to Holland, Germany, France and Switzerland.

In the same year, the surface area covered by the company tripled (reaching 2,200 sq. m.) and radical modernization of its design and production equipment commenced.

VAIA CAR’s tireless pursuit of new technologies and its determined application of the same enabled the company to enter the world of industrial self-propelled mechanical machinery. By the end of the 1960s, in order to respond to the increased demand of its market, the company opened two more factories (bringing its total surface area to 5300 sq. m) and doubled its employees.

Acquiring professional skills that can only be achieved through unflagging efforts in a difficult training ground – such as the solving of the many and varied problems that typically arise in the agricultural and industrial sectors – VAIA CAR decided to totally overhaul its image by diversifying:

"We make railway industry history.
Every day"


in 1974, it began the construction of machinery and equipment for the railway sector. Now, more than ever before, the pursuit of quality became vital to each work phase: project design, mechanical processing, sizing controls, assembly and final inspection. In order to provide the required support to the railway activities, the company occupied a further 3800 sq. m. in 1978 (reaching a total corporate area of around 10,000 sq. m.) and employed 15 new members of staff. The remarkable evolution of VAIA CAR has made the company one of the most advanced in the sector with the expertise to offer original solutions that have been rapidly adopted by State and private Railway authorities alike.
Among these: 1) the design and construction of approx. 900 road-rail loader-excavators, primarily used for the maintenance of the national and foreign railway lines (Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Belgium, United States, Israel, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia etc.); 2) the design and construction of around twenty complex railway systems for the lifting, transporting and laying of entire rail points and track panels. These systems have been remarkably successful for VAIA CAR over the past few years, because they greatly facilitate operations while improving occupational safety (e.g. see those in operation along the new railway line that links up the most important industrial centres of Spain, Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, or those along the North-West railway line of the Federal Republic of Germany); 3) the design and construction of around ten road-rail mobile flash butt welders for the rails.

Thanks to its manoeuvrability and versatility in adapting to all types of rails, in a very short space of time this equipment has won over the most important trading markets in the world:   the European Community, U.S.A., Australia, Asian countries of the Middle East and the countries of the Central African Republic. The complexity of these machines, of this special railway equipment and of solutions not always contemplated and foreseeable, very often without the comforting knowledge of analogous previous experiences, are a clear sign of the remarkable decree of professionalism reached by the entire company (managers, office staff, production workers). In 1999, VAIA CAR successfully gained the important ISO 9001 certification, awarded by the prestigious Certifying Body TÜV.
Railway industry and Vaia Car machinery

In 2003 VAIA CAR, celebrating the 41st anniversary of its Foundation, attentively and competitively prepared to face the first decade of the new Millennium, determined to contribute to the realization of a sound European Economic Community, under the corporate name of VAIA CAR S.p.A. managed by Commendatore Bruno Vaia, aided by his sons Davide and Marco, his grandsons Diego and Mirco and by a staff of no less than 70 employees. This undeniable success story is the fruit of creativity in production and considerable investments in both men and machines.

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