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Mobile cranes/road-rail excavators MOD. V 804FS / FS+ NEW VERSION RF8S
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Injection DCR
Engine size 4780cc
N° cylinders 4
Power 129 KW (173 HP) a 2300 g/1'
Specific consumption 209 g/KWh a 2300 g/1'
Engine torque 670 Nm a 1600 g/1'

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maximum travel speed 35 km/h, max. capacity 10,800 kg, maximum range radius of the boom 7,220 mm, extendable ballast with maximum range radius of 2565 mm, rotation angle of the rotating tower 360° continuous.


hydrostatic with all-wheel drive, differential axles with epicyclic reduction gear unit.

Rail trolleys:

front with oscillating axle and mechanical shock absorbers and rear with fixed axle. Each rail trolley consists of two rail wheels and is moved by means of a pair of hydraulic jacks.

Driving cab:

spacious, comfortable, soundproof, with two seats, all-round visibility, heat-absorbing windows, complete with ventilation and heating system.

Driver’s seat:

ergonomic, anatomical seat adjustable according to weight, headrest, liftable and extendable arm rest, joysticks with incorporated electro-hydraulic controls for auxiliary functions.


the VAIACAR V804FS / FS+ type mobile rail/road crane, constructed following the current Community Directives, has been CE certified and is in compliance with all the applicable standards. Additionally, a Certificate of Approval is issued for the obtaining of the Ministry of Transport vehicle registration document.


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